How To Breed Merle Dogs

Merle dogs are a result of breeding two merle dogs together. The puppies will inherit the merle gene from both parents and will be born with the merle coat pattern. Merles can be bred to any other color or pattern, but the puppies will always be merles.

How To Breed Merle Dogs

Merles are a type of dog that are bred to have a coat with patches of different colors. They can be any color but are most commonly black and white. There are two types of merle dogs, the first is called harlequin and these dogs have a predominantly white coat with large black patches. The second type is called merle and these dogs have a coat made up of patches of any color except black. Merles can come in any combination of colors, including blue mer

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the tools and materials needed to breed merle dogs will vary depending on the specific breed of dog being bred. However, some basic items that may be needed include a whelping box, medical supplies, food and water dishes, and bedding.

  • Merle parent will produce a merle dog 50% of the time
  • Merle dogs should
  • Two merle parents will produce a merle dog 75% of the time
  • One merle parent and one non

– consult with a veterinarian to determine if breeding two merles together is safe – look for healthy merles to breed together – consider the genetic health of the puppies that could be produced – make sure both parents are registered purebreds – have the parents tested for genetic health conditions – mate only two healthy dogs who have no history of genetic health problems

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is Considered Merle?

Merle is a color gene found in some dog breeds. The merle gene creates a patchwork of black and brown areas on the dog’s coat. Merle is not considered a color by itself, but rather a combination of black and brown.

Can A Dog Carry Merle And Not Be Merle?

Yes, a dog can carry merle and not be merle. Dogs that carry the merle gene do not always have the merle markings.

What Makes A Merle A Merle?

A merle is a dog with a coat that is predominantly black and white. The merle gene is recessive, so it can only be expressed if both parents carry the gene.

What Color Dogs Make A Merle?

A merle is a blue-gray dog with black patches. Merles can also have brown patches, but these are rare.

What Make A Dog A Merle?

A dog is a merle if it has the dominant merle gene, which causes the dog’s coat to have patches of black and white.

Can You Breed Hidden Merle To Merle?

Yes, you can breed hidden merles to merles. This will result in a litter of puppies that may or may not have merle markings.

What Defines A Merle?

A merle is a coat color pattern found in many dog breeds, most notably the Australian Shepherd. The merle pattern is a result of the interaction of two genes, and can produce a wide variety of colors and markings.

What Defines A Merle Dog?

A merle dog is a dog with a coat that has patches of black and brown, or red and white. The patches may be small or large, and may be scattered over the entire body, or concentrated on certain areas. Merles are usually born with normal coloration, but the patches may become more visible with age.


Breeding merle dogs can be difficult, as the gene for merling is recessive. Breeders must ensure that both parents are merles in order to produce a litter of merle puppies. If one parent is a merle and the other is not, there is a 25 percent chance that each puppy will be a merle.

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