How To Say Sit In German Language

The word for “sit” in German is “sitzen”. To say “sit down” in German, you would say “Setzen Sie sich!”

How To Say Sit In German Language

In German, the verb “to sit” is “sitzen”. “Please sit down” can be translated to “Bitte setzen Sie sich”.

You’ll need: -A person to say the phrases with. -A recording device or video camera.

  • To say “sit” in german, say “sitzen sie.”

There are a few different ways to say “sit” in German, depending on the context. In general, there is “sitzen” for sitting down, and “stehen” for standing up. To tell someone to sit down, you can say “Setz dich!” or “Setzen Sie sich!” If you are telling someone to sit on the floor, you can say “Setz dich auf den Boden!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Say Sit In German?

Yes, “sit” is translated to “sitzen” in German.

How Do You Say Sit In A Different Language?

In French, “asseyez-vous” means “sit down”.

How Do You Say Dog In German?

Dogs are called Hunde in German.


Sit is translated as “sitzen” in German. To say “sit down” in German, say “Setzen Sie sich” or “Setzen Sie sich bitte”.

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