How To Train Puppy To Not Eat Other Dogs Food

One of the most important commands a puppy needs to learn is “leave it.” This command tells the puppy to leave whatever he is chewing on or eating alone. When you say “leave it” in a firm voice, you are telling your puppy that he cannot have whatever it is he is focused on. In order to train your puppy to obey this command, you’ll need to be consistent with it and provide positive reinforcement when he follows your instruction.

How To Train Puppy To Not Eat Other Dogs Food

There are a few things you can do to train your puppy not to eat other dogs’ food. One is to have your dog eat in a designated spot, like a kennel or in their own room. You can also put up a fence around the food bowl so the puppy can’t get close to it. And, finally, you can reward your dog when they don’t eat another dog’s food. Praise them and give them a treat for being a good dog.

-A crate -Good quality dog food -A healthy diet for your dog

  • Put other dog’s food bowl near the crate
  • Start with puppy in crate with food bowl inside
  • Puppy will likely try to eat the other dog’s food, but discourage this by making a loud noise or scolding

– Supervise your puppy when he is eating and make sure that he only eats his own food. – If you see your puppy eating another dog’s food, distract him with a toy or a treat and put his own food back in his bowl. – If your puppy keeps trying to eat other dogs’ food, put his food in a place where he cannot reach it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Dogs Share Food?

Yes, dogs can share food as long as it is safe for them to eat. It is important to only give them human food that is safe for dogs to eat and to avoid giving them anything that could make them sick.

Can Two Dogs Share A Food Bowl?

Yes, two dogs can share a food bowl as long as they are not aggressive towards each other.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Other Dog?

There could be many reasons why a dog becomes obsessed with another dog in the home. It’s possible that one dog is more dominant than the other, and the subordinate dog may become fixated on trying to please the dominant dog. Alternatively, if one dog barks excessively or engages in other behaviors that the other dog perceives as challenging, that could also lead to obsession.

How Do I Train My Dog To Eat Separately?

Some people recommend using a food puzzle toy to feed your dog, like a Kong toy. You can also try feeding them in different areas of the house, or even outdoors.

Why Does My Dog Drop Food For My Other Dog?

Some dogs seem to instinctively know that another dog is hungry and will drop food for them. This may be a way of helping to form a pack bond or simply an act of kindness.

How Do I Stop My Pets From Eating Each Others Food?

One way to stop pets from eating each others’ food is to feed them in separate areas. This can be done by providing each pet with its own food bowl, feeding them on opposite sides of a room or fencing them off in separate parts of the yard. Another way to prevent pets from eating each others’ food is to keep their food bowls at different heights. This can be done by placing one pet’s bowl on the floor and the other pet’s bowl on a table or counter.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Territorial With Food With Other Dogs?

There are a few things you can do to help stop your dog from being territorial with food around other dogs. First, try feeding your dog in a separate room or area from where other dogs are eating. You can also try feeding your dog during times of the day when there are fewer other dogs around. Additionally, make sure that your dog always has plenty of food and water available, and don’t let them become overly hungry or thirsty. If you continue to have problems with your dog being territorial with food around other dogs, consult with a professional trainer or behaviorist for more help.

Why Does My Dog Always Want What My Other Dog Has?

There could be a few reasons why your dog always wants what your other dog has. One possibility is that your dog is simply trying to get attention, and he learns that he gets the most attention when he’s taking things away from his littermate. Another possibility is that your dogs are competing for dominance, and the dog who has the most things is seen as being the alpha dog. Finally, it’s also possible that your dog is just instinctively drawn to things that his packmates have.

Can 2 Dogs Share A Food Bowl?

Yes, they can share a food bowl as long as they are getting along and there is enough food for both of them.


There are a few different things that can be done in order to train a puppy not to eat other dogs’ food. One is to have a designated feeding area for the puppy, and to keep the dog’s food there. The puppy should also be trained not to take food from people, as this can also lead to them eating other dogs’ food. Finally, it’s important to be consistent with the rules and make sure everyone in the home follows them.

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